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New on offer!

We are pleased to announce that our offer of Optomesh meshes has been extended to the Optomesh MacroPore product with orienting lines.


Optomesh® is a non-resorbable surgical mesh. It is made of monofilament polypropylene transparent yarn and it is characterised by high tolerance by the organism.


Non-resorbable ultralight surgical meshes are made of high quality monofilament polypropylene transparent and blue yarn.

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Confirmed effectiveness and safety

The effectiveness and safety of Optomesh®  meshes have been confirmed. The research which was conducted was compliant with PN-EN ISO 10993 norm, in terms of cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitisation, genotoxicity, sub-chronic and general toxicity, and as well as the local post-implantation effect.
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High porosity level

All medical devices from Optomesh®  family can be classified as macropore meshes according to Amid’s classification.

Optomesh® Ultralight – low weight

The mesh weave is characterised by big pores and at the same time very low weight. Owing to those parameters our meshes are delicate and elastic; moreover, meshes are easy to be adjusted during operation.
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Mesh device with small pores
(pore surface approx. 1,3 mm2)

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Mesh device with large pores
(pore surface approx. 4 mm2)

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Mesh device with very large pores
(pore surface approx. 6 mm2)

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